“Use your best judgment in ALL situations.” – KALA STAR SCHOOL

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing students at Kala Star Academics and Outdoor School. Kala Star students watched The Healing Agent Documentary and took the first unit of SafeStart for Youth.

Kala Star is a small school located in the heart of my hometown, Vernon, on Kalamalka Lake. The Mandate of the school is to “Use your best judgment in all situations”. The school’s teachers, and Brad and Michelle Swanson, truly create a unique learning environment for students. Much of the focus for student learning is on personal development, values, and integrity. Paired with mother nature’s classroom it’s a pretty phenomenal learning environment!

Brad and Michelle were kind enough to invite Wade Garrod and I into their classroom to deliver the SafeStart for Youth program; all in an effort to instill greater life skills and positive personal safety awareness for students. Their goal: to ensure the safety of their students at all times, especially when learning in the outdoor environment. Brad sees SafeStart as an incremental part of their class’s learning:

“We have really been absorbing this SafeStart motto, everyone needs to learn the CERTs [SafeStart’s Critical Error Reduction Techniques]. Powerful day, thank you for sharing and coming into our lives!” – BRAD SWANSON

Blindfolded students navigate the maze game and experience the effects of having their eyes-not-on-task!




SafeStart, paired with The Healing Agent presentation, created a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity. Student safety meets a “You CAN” attitude. The new school mandate inspires ME to achieve more…




Kala Star Academic and Outdoor School

SafeStart Education

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