TEDx Stanley Park – March 4th, 2017


As I prepare to take the stage in just two days, I reflect on the TEDxStanleyPark journey thus far. It occurs to me, if for some reason I weren’t able to deliver my talk, I am completely fulfilled.

The Prize is in the Journey, not the Destination.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to take the stage, but the lessons, the personal growth, the connections made along the way – are all invaluable.

I’ve learned so much that I’ve felt like a master’s student working on my thesis project for the last 8 months. But instead of having one professor, I’ve had an American Idol panel of TEDx Coaches critiquing my work! Rehearsal feedback can be quite blunt, but almost always on point. The TEDx coaches are incredible, all six of them. Dr. Renee Jacobs and Lucas Mattiello deserve special recognition. Renee is a script writing and staging guru, while Lucas is a master of delivery and a phenomenal soundboard. I am so grateful for their support. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

My growth comes in many forms. I am confident in my ability to communicate, now more than ever. Spending time reflecting on ideas, and thought the process in general, has extended into my life far beyond TED. It’s improved my ability to articulate ideas. Stories are better. I relive moments with people in a much more interactive way. I’ve shared vicarious experiences that will have a lasting impact. This has been more valuable in the classroom with SafeStart than anywhere else.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know… And who you know, knows you, so you better know a thing or two.

…Or something like that. Knowledge and skills will only get you so far though. It’s the team you surround yourself with that makes the difference. The teams that have come together to make TEDxSP a reality are diverse. From the production team to the coaches, to the technical team, to the red carpet team, to the catering team, to the energizers, to the speaker… well, you get the idea. It requires a serious collaborative effort. The relationships, friendships, and connections will all endure the test of time, I’m certain.

A special thank you goes out to Roger Killen, TEDxSP Producer. Without a captain, where would we all be!?

Fingers crossed that the show goes off without a hitch for all of the speakers on Saturday, March 4th. Stay tuned for my next update that will include my TED talk!

Thanks for reading. #gratefuleveryday


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