Since Mike’s accident and transition away from ski coaching, he’s had an opportunity to help young athletes in a different way. He now helps athletes prevent injuries and improve performance with SafeStart.

SafeStart is designed to help people efficiently and effectively minimize the mistakes or errors that can get them hurt or cost them the big game or a spot on the podium. It has proven itself in industrial settings for over 15 years—and now it can help athletes avoid injuries and improve their performance. It provides athletes with essential training on how to avoid injuries, compete at a higher level and fight off the mental distraction that separates a good performance from a great one.

Athletes can benefit from SafeStart with:

  • More opportunities to perform due to less time spent injured
  • Improved focus and concentration skills
  • Better skills for dealing with internal/external distractions
  • Better personal awareness
  • Developing safety-related habits that benefit performance and reduce injuries
  • Quicker thinking and better decision-making in sport and in life

Learn more about SafeStart Athletics

Contact Mike, Director of Athletics at SafeStart at: or by calling 604-698-6846.